Breakfast/Diner restaurant serving griddle plates, omelets, breakfast and sandwiches on Lohr Circle, in the building formerly occupied by Bob’s Big Boy.

Nick's Original House of Pancakes 3030 Lohr Circle Ann Arbor, MI 48108 (734) 622-6425


If your name includes “House of Pancakes,” you should really make sure your pancakes live up to expectations. There seems to be a severe lack of quality control for food leaving the kitchen. Undercooked potatoes and charred pancakes should never be served, fresh fruit shouldn’t come from a jar, and food should not be cold by the time it gets to the table. I understand a busy kitchen is, well busy, but there’s never an excuse for lack of quality control.

4. Food... I got the farmers omelet, the food itself wasn't bad... for that price, I could have gone to Denny's and got it for cheaper. I also had lot of burnt hash browns on my plate and inside the omelet... I don't know if they were trying to cover it in the omelet or what, but I was taken back in finding the surprise inside. My TOAST was COLD! I think it was just sitting around until my food was ready. (2 star review)