The November 2013 election had a number of local candidates and a ballot issue on the ballot.

Ballot Issue

Ann Arbor Public Schools has a sinking fund millage on the ballot.

Ann Arbor City Council Races

Ward 1

Sabra Briere (D) (incumbent) Campaign web page
Jaclyn Vresics (I) (announced she will not campaign)
Jeff Hayner (I) Campaign web page

Ward 2:

Jane Lumm (I) (incumbent) Campaign web page
Kirk Westphal (D) Campaign web page
Conrad Brown. (I) member of the Mixed Use Party - Campaign web page

Ward 3

Stephen Kunselman (D) (incumbent) Campaign web page
Sam DeVarti (I) member of the Mixed Use Party

Ward 4

Jack Eaton (D) Campaign web page

William Lockwood ran as a write-in candidate

Twenty Pound Carp ran as a write-in without filing paperwork

Ward 5

Mike Anglin (D) incumbent. Campaign web page

Thomas Partridge ran as a write-in candidate

Chip Smith ran as a write-in candidate

In the News

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