The Washtenaw County Office of Public Defender was established in 1971 by our Board of Commissioners with the aid of a federal grant requiring that the department be an integral part of the executive branch of county government and independent of the judiciary. Since that time, the Office has become a full and equal partner in the public safety and justice system within the county and is represented in all relevant programming, policy or procedural committees. It handles all criminal, juvenile and special civil law appointments and provides a wide array of services related to probation violations, line-ups, personal protection orders, extraditions, Friend of the Court matters, bond reduction hearings, diversions and response to legal questions from the public.

Lloyd E. Powell is the Washtenaw County Public Defender.

People need to know that Lloyd Powell has committed USPS Mail fraud and is not trustworthy. He is conspiring with the Washtenaw Sheriff to steal peoples' private property.  He seems to be intent on committing crimes upon his "clients" on behalf of the prosecutors.  He is provenly conspiring with the prosecutor to perpetuate a slavery system, as defined and foreclosed by U.C.C. File Doc 2012127810, 2012127854, 2012127907, and 2012127914.

Lloyd Powell needs to be DISBARRED immediately.  This is not a Sovereign Citizen comment.  There is definitive proof that they stole private property, committed mail fraud, committed identity theft, and is laundering money.