A German restaurant on Washington St, where Grizzly Peak is now; closed in 1995. It was festooned with weird old oil paintings and dusty pictures relics of Germany, and had dark wood tables, chairs and fixtures. Classical orchestral music played in the background, and the waiters all had old fashioned waiter uniforms. Mr. Schumacher was an excellent accordion player as well!

In 2013, restaurant owner Jon Carlson plans to open a new Old German bar in the basement of Grizzly Peak, according to a story in the May 2013 Ann Arbor Observer. http://www.oldgerman.net

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It's gone downhill since the Old German closed. I could get hasenpfeffer with spaetzle all day long.

"I feel real bad that I've celebrated my last birthday there," says Gottlob Schumacher, a former owner of the Old German, who turned ninety-one on January 29. After almost fifty years of working seven-day weeks, the restaurant's current owner, Bud (Robert) Metzger, is closing the business and retiring.