Old Maud (sometimes Old Maude) was a streetcar that ran from Ypsilanti to Saline.

As the turn of the century loomed on the horizon, an electric interurban trolley line operated between Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Jackson. Saline’s car, known as Old Maude made frequent trips on rails that ran parallel to Michigan Avenue, connecting with the main line at Ypsilanti. Old Maud made trips “into the city” possible and provided young people studying at the Ypsilanti Normal School with transportation between home and school. The trolley operated about 25 years and was powered by a transformer, whose tower building is long gone.

On September 2, 1899, the Ypsilanti and Saline Electric Railway Company, a subsidiary of the Detroit, Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor Railway, completed an electric railway along the north side of Michigan Avenue.