City park at 1551 Dhu Varren Road with mountain bike trails. Trails are maintained by volunteers from the Potawatomi Chapter of the Michigan Mountain Bike Association.

There is an accessible water-filled hole in a former gravel pit now called Traver Pond with a fishing dock, and blackberries for picking in season in the woods.

The pond and surrounding area is teeming with wildlife including swans, herons, and deer.

The park also features a playground, basketball courts, soccer fields, and a dog park.

Link to city of Ann Arbor's website describing Olson Park:

News stories

Went on a weird little hike the other day. NE area park is a developing park of a few hundred acres on Dhu Varren Rd. in Ann Arbor. The mountain bikers have created a neat up and down trail system here of about three miles. The terrain is actually very fun to hike, but here’s the weird thing. Parts of the trail are near the M-14 right of way. Some parts go near a railroad. And the pleasant little lake is actually an old gravel pit. Despite all that I had a good time. No one else was out hiking and since no one really spends much time along freeway and railroad rights of way you are likely to see fewer people here than Pinckney. And with a short neighborhood walk, you can link up with the Leslie/Black Woods trail systems. You could probably hike 30 miles in Ann Arbor pretty much off road - lots of tight dirt trails.