One Five One is a restaurant at 151 W Michigan Ave in Jackson.

This location was formerly known as Daryl's Downtown, which was run by a former cook at Chelsea's Common Grill.  Daryl's Downtown closed in 2013.  The new owners have kept many of the signature dishes, which are in the same style of Common Grill.


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Being a chowhound visiting Jackson and not making the push to Ann Arbor is like being a compulsive gambler who vacations at the Hoover Dam and doesn't get to Vegas, time permitting of course.

It's a restaurant that you could find somewhere in Napa, and that folks, is the best compliment that I can think of. If you are in doubt of what to order, you can't go wrong on any of their seafood pasta dishes. If you are in town, you must go there. (Esther N.)