Ypsilanti's Park Ridge Subdivision is located in the southwestern portion of Ypsilanti, just north of I-94. The subdivision, a part of French Claim 680, was platted in March of 1891, running from Huron Street (Ypsilanti) west to Third Street, and including 493 platted lots. East-west streets included Monroe Avenue, Madison Boulevard, Jefferson Avenue, and Watling Boulevard, generally continuing the Presidential naming scheme of streets around Downtown Ypsilanti. North-south streets included Hamilton Street, Hawkins Street, First Street, and Second Street.

Warning: Examining the plat map can be highly confusing.

  • The westernmost half-block of the plat, encompassing 64 lots, was vacated in or around 1919.
  • First Street became Brooks Street.
  • Second Street became First Street
  • Third Street no longer exists.
  • A new Second Street was created along the new western edge of the plat, what was mid-block between Second and Third.
  • Monroe Avenue is now Monroe Street.
  • Madison Boulevard is now Madison Street (Ypsilanti).
  • Jefferson Avenue is now Jefferson Street (Ypsilanti).
  • Watling Boulevard is now...still "Boulevard".
  • The southernmost part of the plat, on the south edge of Watling, became part of I-94, as did portions of the blocks west of Brooks and south of Jefferson.
  • Huron and Hamilton have been realigned to serve as arterials connecting to I-94, and a portion of the eastern edge of the plat is under the interchange.

The Parkridge Community Center is run by the City of Ypsilanti and is located in the neighborhood at 591 Armstrong.