Pattengill Elementary School is an elementary school in the Ann Arbor Public Schools. It is located at 2100 Crestland Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Melita Alston is the school principal.

Pattengill Elementary teaches grades 3-5; it is paired with Pattengill Elementary School for Young Fives and grades K-2. These are the only paired school in the Ann Arbor district. This unique structure creates a rich learning opportunity, which allows the Super Pair to focus on the distinct developmental needs of the children at each of the two schools.  It also results in multiple teachers at each grade level, which expands the variety of teaching expertise available to our students and staff. Bryant/Pattengill students continue on to Tappan Middle School.

The school mascot is the Pumas.

Contact Information:

Principal 2015-2016: Mrs Melita Alston

Fax: 734-994-1276
2100 Crestland Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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  • 1957: Pattengill School first opened in 1957.  It was named in honor of Judson A. Pattengill, a former  principal  in Ann Arbor of the high school, who served in that role from 1876 until he passed away in 1908. Judson Pattengill was the the brother of Albert Pattengill.
  • On June 12, 1969, the Ann Arbor Board of Education named Pattengill principal Leroy Cappaert the new principal of Mack Elementary School.  Mr. Cappaert had served as Pattengill principal since 1958.  Ann Arbor Public Schools director of personnel Thad Carr was named the new principal of Pattengill. Carr had been director of personnel since 1961.  He came to Ann Arbor in 1948 as a social studies teacher, was principal of Bach Elementary School from 1953 to 1955 and became administrative assistant to the superintendent in 1957.   (From Ann Arbor News archives.)  
  • 1986: Bryant and Pattengill team together as a "super pair" as part of district reorganization.
  • ??2013 August: Ché Carter principal of Pattengill 
  • Aug-2013: Melita Alston hired as principal of Pattengill

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