Paul Cousins is a Dexter Village Councilmember, Rotarian, and teacher from Dexter, Michigan. He is the former owner of Cousins Heritage Inn.


I didn't grow up around here. I've been here for 45 years, but I didn't grow up here. I came here to teach school for 20 years. And one of the things that has been really exciting for me is that when I taught at the old high school along Baker Road, Mill Creek ran right behind it. So I've had familiarity with Mill Creek almost all my life here that I have lived in the village.

Besides the buildings he constructed, Dexter retains one other Calvin Fillmore souvenir. When Pat and Paul Cousins were running Cousins Heritage Inn, Nathaniel Charles Fillmore often ate there. He told them that Calvin had built the house the restaurant occupied (it's now Terry B's). A few years ago, when Nathaniel was moving to a nursing home, he called Paul Cousins and arranged to give him an old toolbox. "It was the toolbox that Calvin put on his wagon and moved from spot to spot," says Cousins. "You can see where the tools fit in, where the planes were." The toolbox is now in the Dexter Area Historical Museum.