Paul Schreiber is a former mayor of Ypsilanti.

Schreiber announced in November 2013 that he will not be running for re-election in 2014.

2010 election


2006 election

Schreiber won election to the post of Ypsilanti Mayor as the Democratic candidate in the uncontested November 2006 general election with 4613 votes. Schreiber had previously won the August 2006 Primary to become the Democratic candidate for Ypsilanti Mayor. The August Primary was contested by Schreiber (1041 votes), Steve Pierce (866 votes), and Lois Richardson (460 votes).

The Democratic primary campaign was noteable at least in part for the debates convened on the campus of Eastern Michigan University, attended by around 250 people, which were organized and sponsored by a grass-roots, non-partisan community coaliton called YpsiVotes.

As a part of his campaign, Schreiber proposed forming an Ypsilanti 2020 Task Force to gather community members together to create plans for addressing some of the City's current problems.

The goal of the 2020 Task Force was, within Schreiber's first 100 days in office (beginning on November 14th), to develop at least five innovative, yet practical ideas for promoting increased economic development, more public/private partnerships, greater government efficiency, and more effective regional cooperation”all aimed at helping Ypsilanti deal quickly with its immediate budget crisis and build a more solid economic foundation.

Schreiber is a Visteon engineer, (and can thus debunk myths and legends concerning remote-starting devices), and has served as the President of the Ypsilanti Housing Commission.


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