Quite a bit of Ann Arbor pinball history is gone; once upon a time there was Mickey Rat's, Focus, Double Focus, Campus Pinball, Great Escape and scattered pins in arcades and dorms around town.  

more... Pinball Pete's, Mickey Rat's, Focus, Double Focus, the Draggin Inn, Simulation Station, Great Escape, Pinball Alley, Arcade Five or the Cross-Eyed Moose

Flipper McGees on South University and Tommy's Holiday Camp on Packard at State (circa 1975).  Those two and the Cross-Eyed Moose (and a couple in western MI) were owned by a lady from Detroit.  I forget her name, but will look for it.  I believe she sold Flipper's to Pete of Pinball Pete's.

Outside of town, there's Pinball at the Zoo in Kalamazoo.


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