Pittsfield Village is a neighborhood in the southeast section of Ann Arbor, conveniently located between the University of Michigan and Eastern. Now close to Arborland, County Farm Park and lots of other amenities, when the Village was built in 1946 it was nestled in farmland.

Originally intended to house Willow Run workers during World War II, and then used to house returning GIs when the war ended, the Village is now a charming historic neighborhood showing all the influences of early 20th century utopian planning. It was converted to a co-operative form of home ownership in the late 1980s. As a part of that conversion, the name was changed to "Village Townhomes".

However, in January 2009 its residents voted to convert to a condominium form of ownership. In May of 2009, a new Master Deed was filed with the State of Michigan and the original "Pittsfield Village" name was restored. The conversion was completed the following November.

For more information: http://www.pittsfieldvillage.com/

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