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Where are all of the places that you can sit down with your laptop and have a cup of coffee in Ann Arbor, and if you do that how much will you pay for the coffee and how much for the internet link? (And how well will the net link work?)

The Wireless Washtenaw project was aimed at getting the whole county lit up, but it went bust. Now grab your coffee mug, library card, or bib:

  • Amer's on Church St.
  • Ann Arbor District Library offers free open wired and wireless access for everyone, and free public internet access including ssh:
  • Barry Bagels (Westgate) has open wireless.
  • Bombadill's Cafe in Ypsilanti has wifi.
  • Cafe Ambrosia: free wifi (new!) and lots of power outlets
  • Cafe Zola: open wifi, through neighboring Grizzly Peak
  • Carlyle Grill: stated on door sign, but untested
  • Common Cup Coffee Under The Lutheran Chapel on Washtenaw between S. University and Hill
  • Conor O'Neill's on Main
  • ERC
    • Main St: free Internet,
    • S. Main St: free Internet
    • State St: free Internet,
    • Plymouth Road: free wifi, etc.
    • North Campus Pierpont Commons Underground: open wifi, $1 coffee refills
    • South U: open wifi, $1 coffee refills, ethernet plugs downstairs do not work, wireless cuts in and out frequently
  • Fraser's Pub: open wifi, food and beer, smoking section
  • Great Wraps: open wifi, not always reliable
  • Kinko's S. State St: T-mobile internet, awful machine coffee, more copiers than you'd ever need
  • [Kentaro Web Consulting] at Main and E Washington in Downtown Ann Arbor
  • Office Depot wifi and printer paper
  • Panera Bread branches have free wifi (albeit not always reliably up), free refills on soft drinks and coffee
    • Washtenaw near Whole Foods
    • Jackson at Zeeb Road
    • Collonade, Ann Arbor Saline and Eisenhower
  • Rendezvous Cafe; free Internet, open late, wifi and ethernet hookup, smoking section upstairs
  • Sweetwaters Kerrytown: has free WiFi, many power outlets
  • The Whole Foods Cafe on Washtenaw has wifi, but no power outlets
  • Zingerman's
  • South Campus Town

Note that you do not have to be inside a building to connect to the wifi access point. Often, you can sit outside, or in an adjacent building, and still connect. For example, you can sit in Qdoba and connect to the S. Main Expresso Royale access point.

Local wifi maps

a2wifi has a list of wireless locations in Ann Arbor and Dexter

The University of Michigan has wireless access in some parts of campus; there is a somewhat baroque interactive map of these locations.

Googling ICnet and poking around a little reveals this:

I Love Free Wifi has an Ann Arbor map with locations, incomplete so far.

Other lists of places with wifi

The original list of places is from User:Edward_Vielmetti and commenters at Vacuum.

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