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Radio and electronics parts, now closed.

Hours: Closed
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Owner: Roy Purchase

5/1/07: Unfortunately, Purchase Radio has closed. Dan McCullough -- who operated the store after the death of Roy Purchase, his father-in-law -- has retired. McCullough was unable to find anyone to take over the operation.

Purchase Radio went out of business February 16, 2007. Most of the inventory was bought by Van's Appliance & Electronics at 2828 Lewis Ave, Ida, MI.



Purchase sells electronic parts, supplies and equipment such as antennas, batteries, chemicals, wire, cable, connectors soldering supplies & equipment, meters, transistors, IC's. tools, vacuum tubes etc. etc.

Most everything they stock in the tiny store is behind the counter or in the basement. Your best bet is to ask one of the old guys behind the counter for whatever it is you're looking for.

Chances are good you'll run into a HAM geek either shopping or working at the store.

Purchase Radio has been around since 1930 and may actually still stock items from that era. They're rumored to have an attic full of obscure vacuum tubes and the like.

They're located at 372 E Hoover, just west of the railroad tracks. Free parking!