Quest Martial Arts is an Ann Arbor Community Based School.  We are a collective group of student's, parents, and families seeking to better our local community by making it a stronger, safer, and more wholesome place to live, work, and play.  With programs for anyone ages 3-103, Quest is a great place to learn self-defense, professional development, social skill building, and things like focus, self-discipline, and respect (The Three Black Belt Qualities). Stop by anytime or call (734) 332-1800 to learn more or try a class for yourself or your children.

Quest Martial Arts

Why Learn Self-Defense: 

The concept of self-defense isn't about breaking boards, winning a tournament, or being hit with a stick to prove your strength. It's about being mentally and physically prepared to be aware of your everyday surroundings and learn to listen to that "sixth sense" that tells you something doesn't feel quite right.  In that moment, self-defense is about avoiding conflict, yet being prepared to win at all costs should you need to protect your own life, or the lives of those around you.  The Discovery Channel claims the Art of Ninjutsu is the worlds most effect defense based art. It's a good thing they think so, because we've been teaching it for nearly 20 years.


Community Efforts:

Quest hosts many different events each and every year. From picnics to women's self-defense courses, Quest focuses on giving back to the community around us.  We've hosted special events and volunteered our time with the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Public School, Saline Area School, Emerson School, Hebrew Day School and many other local community groups such as The Special Olympics, The Humane Society, The Boys and Girls Club, The Boy Scouts, Rave Motion Pictures, Liberty Club, The Girl Scouts, and the Washtenaw Sportsman's Club.  Recently, we visited Northside Elementary School here in Ann Arbor and traveled to every classroom talking about bullying how to end violence in the classroom.


From our local efforts, we've been featured on Fox 2 News, Chanel 7 News,, Heritage Media, 97.1fm, The Saline Reporter, My TV20 Detroit, Ann Arbor Radio, The Ann Arbor Summer Festival, Eastern Michigan University, The University of Michigan, and with Washtenaw Community College.

Quest Martial Arts

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