RNA was formed in early 2006 to encompass the area from downtown Ypsi north along the Huron River into the heavily rental "student" neighborhood east of EMU's campus.

Riverside's first year of organization earned it something of a reputation - the group's gardeners worked their way up from guerrilla beautification projects to constructing a community garden in Frog Island Park, while other members organized two "Junk in Your Trunk" rummage sales in the parking lots and streets of Depot Town and Downtown Ypsilanti. RNA has on the one hand gained a reputation for its love of parties and picnics, and, on the other, is considering pursuing 501(c)3 status, which would make it the first NA in Ypsilanti to become a formal tax-exempt non-profit.

website: http://riversideypsi.org

As of October 2010, the web site is largely abandoned and full of spam.