Riverside Park is the central park of Ypsilanti.  Originally planned by New York's Olmsted Brothers, the park lies in the broad floodplain of the Huron River, connecting downtown Ypsilanti to Depot Town. In the summertime it is host to many events including the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival, Michigan Summer Beer FestivalElvisFest, the Orphan Car Show, motorcycle and music Ton-Up, and Michigan Antique Fire Truck Muster. In the wintertime the slopes on its western side are used for sledding.

It is connected to Frog Island Park by the tridge.

In 2008, the Depot Town Community Development Corporation took over maintenance and programming of the park from the City of Ypsilanti; their contract was revoked over their response to the city's objection to their creating an event whose name included "YpsiTucky".

When the park floods, and it does flood, the Riverside Park Carp Preserve is the main point of interest, especially when people crossbow-fish in it.


Riverside is a great park to take a walk in, and I have, many times. You have to watch out for goose droppings, but that's true of most of the parks along the Huron River in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area.