St Nicholas on Scio Church Rd

An extensive history of the Saint Nicholas parish is available from that group's website:

3109 Scio Church Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103. Telephone: 734 / 332 - 8200

3109 Scio, Lodi Township Assessor

The church sponsors an annual Ya'ssoo Greek Festival in June.


The old Church on North Main Street

The building at 414 N. Main Street, pictured, was constructed in 1935 by the Saint Nicholas and Holy Trinity Parish, a newly formed joint congregation of two local Greek churches. The architect was Ypsilanti based Ralph S. Gerganoff. Services were held in this location until 2002, when the church outgrew the building and moved to a new structure on Scio Church Road.

The building is currently owned by McKinley Associates, and will likely be redeveloped at some point - two proposals have so far been brought forward. The first, a 19-story condominium tower, was rejected by the Planning Commission as too large for the location; the second, brought by developer Michael Concannon, would locate an 8-story condominium building on the Main Street side of the site, and a 4-story condo building on the Fourth Avenue side.

In the news

The celebration, known as the Ya'ssoo Greek Festival, was previously located on Main Street and the old church in downtown Ann Arbor. It's in its third year at St. Nicholas's big new facility on Scio Church Road in Lodi Township, just west of the city.

For months, the former Greek Orthodox Church on North Main Street in downtown Ann Arbor has been an eyesore awaiting demolition, with pieces of plastic covering its windows blowing in the breeze.