Used Crap

U of M Property Disposition - All of the stuff that Michigan is finished using has to be sold off and this is where they do it. They have wacky hours and a lot of weird stuff (anyone ever wanted 15 dentist chairs?) but if you need something for not much cash, check it out.

Recycle Ann Arbor aka the Reuse Center on South Industrial - I've never been there but my boss said he found some doors that he uses in his house there.

Treasure Mart A consignment store where prices are reduced 10% each month for items that collect dust.

Estate tag sales and Garage sales are frequent. Check the Ann Arbor News classified ads for time and place.

Opportunities for local Auctions are limited compared to the regional average, but present. There seems to be a long-standing void of farm, estate and other auction activity in Ann Arbor proper, and more focus on estate tag sales and garage sales within the city limits.