Spiral Tattoo was founded in 2003 by Leo Zulueta, the pioneer of modern tribal tattooing.


3060 Packard St # A Ann Arbor, MI 48108-1944 (734) 477-5000

In the news

Known as the “father of modern tribal tattooing,” Zulueta popped up on a television show that Jared Leathers saw one day. Leathers was working at the Arborland Borders and recognized Zulueta as one of his regular customers. He was floored to learn that Zulueta was part of the 1970s San Francisco tattoo scene that helped introduce the once-marginal art form into mainstream America. In 2000, Zulueta had sold his Hollywood parlor, Black Wave, to move here and open Spiral Tattoo on Packard with his girlfriend, Michigan native Dianne Mansfield, a tattoo artist and photographer.