St. Aidan's Episcopal Church is small but spunky, located at 1679 Broadway, on the corner of Broadway Street at Baits Drive, near UM's North Campus. The church collaborates with Northside Presbyterian Church, located in the same buildings, to comprise Northside Associated Ministries, or NAM. The Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice is also housed within the NAM buildings.

NAM was founded in 1965. The Rev. Richard Singleton was St. Aidan's first rector. The history of the relationship between the two churches is intriguing and ought to be elaborated upon. St. Aidan's is currently served by the Rev. Dr. Susan McGarry.

For nature lovers, St. Aidan's worship is conducted in the presence of God, manifest by 5 acres of woods that offer the beauty of Michigan's seasons for the glory of God. The congregation have taken on stewardship of the woods, including working to re-establish native species and lay walking/hiking paths, as an eco-justice calling.

For lovers on humanity, St. Aidan's has made a commitment to "respect everyone, work for justice, and wage peace."

St. Aidan's is known for the "20-minute peace," a hyperbole referring to the custom of greeting everyone in the congregation with the sign of God's peace in the middle of the service. St. Aidan's is the community of Aidan's Comfort Collars, a cottage industry selling cloth clerical collars.

Contact the NAM office at (734) 663-5503 for more information.