Tappan Middle School

Tappan Middle School is located north of Stadium Boulevard and St Francis Drive. Their mascot is the Trojan, and their colors are blue and white. The majority of Tappan students go on to Pioneer High School, although some are in the Huron High School district. 


1925: The school originally named Tappan Junior High first opened at what is currently Burns Park Elementary School. The school is named in honor of Henry Phillip Tappan, who was a philosopher, educator, and Reverend and became the first President of the University of Michigan in 1852.

1951: Tappan Junior High opened at its current location on Stadium Boulevard. It would later be renamed Tappan Middle School.

The school was designed by Architect Paul Kasurin, AIA of Kasurin Kasurin & Bragg, Originally from Kuopio, Finland, Kasurin studied at Helsinki Technical University and earned his master's degree from Columbia University. Eventually moving to Ann Arbor with his brother John, he lived with his wife, Hannah E. Ford on nearby Copley Street. He also designed many other significant buildings and sites in Ann Arbor, including Slauson Junior High School, First National Building, the Ann Arbor Bank Building on Main St., and the First Methodist Church.


The school grounds include three tennis courts as well as outdoor recreational fields east of the school, as well as a school garden.

Contact Information

Principal: Dr. Tyese Parnell
Assistant Principal: Steven hogan

School website: http://www.a2schools.org/tappan
PTSO website: http://www.tappanptso.org/

Phone: 734-994-2011
Fax: 734-997-1873
2251 E. Stadium Blvd
Ann Arbor, MI 48103 

Previous Administrators

  • Rick Weiler, Assistant Principal
  • Luther Corbitt, Co-Principal
  • Michael Madison, Co-Principal
  • Jazz Parks, Principal

Pedestrian Access

Pedestrian access is available from:


Parking at Tappan is (somewhat) divided between three closely connected areas:

Public Transportation

Polling Place

Tappan Middle School is the polling place for Ward 3, Precinct 3, of the City of Ann Arbor.  Depending on which room the school gives the city, polling takes place in the Cafeteria in the southwest corner of the building or in the Multifunction Room at the northeast end of the building. Please follow the posted signs on election days.