The TechArb is a coworking space for University of Michigan students. Humbly enough, it began with a few students looking for a shared office to work on their start-ups. Through assistance from RPM Ventures and Maize Ventures, the TechArb was born in May 09 as a 4-month experiment to support 30 students as they run nine distinct start-ups.

In the news

On April 15th eight student-led startup companies “graduated” out of the University’s business accelerator and 14 new student enterprises prepared to take up residence at the facility beginning in May.

"The needs (that places like Ann Arbor SPARK cater toward) didn't necessarily cater to students," says Jason Bornhorst, an organizer behind TechArb. "The needs of students are definitely different than someone who has graduated."

The TechArb exists now as a four-month experiment, but those involved hope that it will continue throughout the school year and, with more support, become permanent.