TechReprieve -- "Giving you a break from technology" -- provides usability and web software engineering services, primarily specializing in Drupal and extremely focused on customer service. Local practitioners with an Ann Arbor PO box.


  • Extreme Customer Service
  • Drupal Architecture and Development
  • Usability Services - Design, Testing, and Analysis
  • PHP and Perl Programming Services
  • Open Source CMS (Joomla and WordPress) Architecture and Development
  • Web Software Architecture and Engineering
  • Project Management Services

PO Box 1942
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1942
734.657.1542 W

I am the founder, Drupal engineering lead, and usability lead for TechReprieve. We provide high quality software engineering architecture & development, project management, and usability services. Please email [email protected] for service information, pricing, and references.