From a teeter-totter in his Old West Side backyard, "Homeless" (yes, yes, I know, "how does he have a backyard if he is homeless?") Dave Askins has been conducting interviews of civic, business, and cultural figures since December of 2005. Interviewees have included local business owners, musicians, civic figures, "Bill Clinton", bloggers, and, essentially, anyone else Dave can talk into his backyard. Dave's blog, along with an archive of totteree interviews, is available at his eponymous website, .

Homeless Dave can also be found on various local blogs and other online forums (in addition to, of course, whatever it is he does in real life, which includes things like designing pedal-powered washing machines), and is an advocate of ArborWiki's Category:People.

Teeter Talk is a production associated with the Ann Arbor Chronicle.