Located at 144 Hill Street, this house was a basement club in the early 1990s featuring all-ages shows by bands around the state. It was closed down in the spring of 1993 by the police for code violations and running a business in a residential area.

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List of shows


OCTOBER 6: Beat Happening / Veronica Lake - OCTOBER9: The Jaks/ Barbed Wire Play Pen/ The D.T.'s/ Breakthru - OCTOBER 24: False Sacrament/ Schlong/ Not Me Dave -ALSO- The Vibrators/ Moral Crux/ Civil Disobedience/ Barbed Wire Play Pen/ Nadsat Nation (Show was moved from The Halfway Inn at the last minute and all eight bands played the show) -

NOVEMBER 2: Drip Tank/ Jaks - NOVEMBER 6: 3-D Invisibles/ Monarchs/ Patron Saints - NOVEMBER 7: Buttsteak/ Veronica Lake/ Restroom Poets - NOVEMBER 11: Wool/ Grout/ Smudge - NOVEMBER 14: Maitries/ Morsel - NOVEMBER 17: Liquor Bike/ Boy-Dog Frog - NOVEMBER 28: Slot/Morsel/Jaks/Yellow No. 5 -

DECEMBER 5: El Smasho/ Apollo 9/ Down Faht - DECEMBER 12: The Sillies/ Barbed Wire Play Pen/ Civil Disobedience - DECEMBER 19: 2000 D.S./ Social Outcast/ Civil Disobedience


JANUARY 30: Hand Over Head/ Barbed Wire Play Pen/ Don Cabalero -

FEBRUARY 13: Wig/ Jaks/ Craw -

MARCH 1: Agent Orange/ Monarchs - MARCH 5: Mouth/ Daddy Stitch/ Eric's Mother - MARCH 6: Monster Bait/ Inside Out/ Peace Monkey - MARCH 12: Hazel/ Dumpster Juice/ Love Box - MARCH 13: Tiger Lillies/ The Sillies/ Raging Hormones - MARCH 19: Ten High/ Nadsat Nation/ Brothers Grimm - MARCH 20: Milkmine/ Flounder Market - MARCH 26: Iowa Beef Experience/ Tension Splash/ Pablo's Dog - MARCH 27: Liquor Bike / Brainiac / El Smasho (THIS WAS THE SHOW THAT WAS RAIDED BY THE POLICE)


Great job posting the shows, but there are a few missing. I remember seeing a female-fronted Royal Oak band called Bastard Squad there and another time seeing Seattle band called Zipgun(2 different shows), but I don't remember if my hand Made at played or who else opened at those shows. Pretty sure BS played with Social Outcast tho. (Jan 16, 2017)