A 2007 era School of Information feminist group.

news release

From an announcement sent 7 October 2007 to si.all:

So, here's the deal: the Ovarian Librarians will be meeting monthly (well, every 28 to 35 days) to discuss gender issues, feminism, and where/how/why we see that in our lives and in our professions. All SI folk are encouraged to come, from across the specializations or background disciplines or ages or whatever. We'll meet at campus coffee shops to chat for a bit, and everyone is encouraged to bring a topic to share, but if you don't it's not like I don't have pleeeenty to talk about (I don't have a BA for nothing). Sometimes we'll even do something CRAZY like a God-fearin', mayonnaise-eatin', Midwestern potluck.

If you think this is cool, then I think you're cool, and we should be cool together. So go to the umich email directory and look up this group: siovarianlibrarian and add yourself to the email group so that I won't have to bug all of SI about this anymore. That way I can update you on what we're doing but I'm a less-is-more emailer so don't worry about clogged inboxes.

Anyone with an interest should come. It's going to be low-key, so don't feel you need to have earned the Feminist Theory badge. We'll be meeting Tuesday, October 23 at 8 PM at the Amer's on State Street. Questions? Email me or stare passive aggressively at me in class.

From the announcement: We'll drink coffee, socialize, consciousness-raise, and wonder why West Hall isn't more of a Red Tent.