The Prop Shop is a hip-hop show on WCBN.

Recordings from DJ Ell:

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For the weekend enthusiast, Saturday night is filled with two hip-hop shows. One is called “Prop Shop”, where DJ Chill Will spins records live on the air and has MCs come in and rap. After that, Underground Reciprocal takes listeners deep into the evening.

Then college radio came calling first with WJJX A.M. then WCBN F.M. at the University of Michigan. While at WJJX Chill Will was apart of the record review staff and a sub for on-air staff. When WJJX closed in 1987 Chill Will moved over to WCBN("88") as a mixer for a Hip Hop show called "The Prop Shop." Chill Will continued to be the mixer for the show until '94 when he took over and started to host the show with partner Big Rich and later on with DJ Ell in 2008. "The Prop Shop" became one of the most popular Hip Hop shows on the internet and radio in Southeastern Michigan.