Finished items are on Meta Recent Changes.

Things that need to get done:

High priority

Mapping things:

  • Working with A.T. and M.M to re-create mapping system with ArborWiki-owned data. (16/9)
  • Create dynamic lists of neighbors, from the "Streets of" project, for locations/stores

Not-so-complicated things:

Complicated things:

  • contact neighborhood associations, have them share cool ideas / problems / things?
  • Make it easier to attach and organize images
  • Make category pages that have members show up as existing pages, regardless of whether they have their own text
  • (Design and) Create standardized sidebar, with images, maps, backlinks, related pages, etc
  • (Design and) create information architecture to deal with dates (past present and future), so that it's incrementally easier to use Arborwiki as a history and as a calendar; see e.g. 27 September 2007, October 2007. Ideas at the prototype / try it out / see what works stage.
    • ArborWiki is not, and should not be
      • Create a generic structure of months as categories (ex Category:October not tied to years, and post events inside them in chronological order, 1st to 30/31st.
      • Create a structure of months as categories specifically tied to years (ex Category:October 2007) as a subcategory of the generic month category.
      • Categorize events with the specific and general forms of the month listing.
      • Maybe avoid creating pages for specific dates?. Please please please.
    • ArborWiki is a useful adjunct to, Facebook, and other events streams
      • Create an event template useful as a link destination for the URL of an event announced elsewhere
      • Create a structure for a specific month that lets you address a date within it e.g. October 2007#31 ?!
      • Create templates for linking to external data sources, like Category:Restaurants with inspection reports?

Things that need money:

  • Make artifacts? (16/9)
  • Autocomplete-as-you-type wiki links (pleez pleez pleez someone implement this) (16/9)
  • A key for TextMate
    • Dear person who bought me TextMate: you are amazingly cool. MattH

Templates under construction