Developer's proposal for Thomson TerraceDevelopment planned in 2008 but never built at 413 E. Huron, with 17000 sq ft of retail and 5000 sq ft of rooftop terrace in the plan proposal.

Thomson Terrace is Ann Arbor’s newest urban retail village. It combines walk in retail with office and residential lofts. Located within walking distance to University of Michigan’s Central and Medical Campuses on Huron Street—the main thoroughfare between downtown and the University of Michigan—this site benefits from exposure to thousands of students on foot and 23,601 cars every day. (site is gone)


The owner, Bruce Thompson, has his Thompson Terrace sliding into its new skin as a little streetscape that, according to its Web site, mixes campus and commerce. And, along with its sprawling rooftop terrace, brings the ambiance of an Italian village.