Tower Records, upstairs in the Galleria, circa 1999.

Tower Records (Store 146) was a record store at 1214 South University, part of the national chain. It is now closed.

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ZAC’S CUSTOMER OF THE MONTH: A charmer: Sunday morning brought with it a loopy customer who spent the better part of a half hour re-arranging and positioning our display, even going as far as to pull a chair over from the book department to stand on. He then visited our classical department and presented a promotional cassette in a ziplock bag, asking if it would set off our alarm on the way out. After we assured him it was OK, he asked if we could play it for him so he could hear it. He was saddened to find out that we had no tape deck, and proceeded to a listening station. Soon he began pulling out pieces of trash from his pockets (empty cigarette packets, used tissues, etc.) and throwing them on top of our acoustic ceiling tiles. This was enough, our supervisor stood next to him, glaring until he left: not out the door, but out the fire escape. After all of his concern about alarms going off, he could have avoided the big red door that says “EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY, ALARM WILL SOUND”, but you never know.