Tuebingen is a German city with a population of 84,496 (2012). As part of the sister city cultural exchange program started in the 1960s under the Eisenhower administration, Tuebingen was established as a Sister City ("Partnerstadt") with Ann Arbor.

The Sister-City description of Ann Arbor on the city of Tuebingen website reads as follows: "1824 waren schwäbische Einwanderer an der Gründung von Ann Arbor im US-Bundesstaat Michigan beteiligt. Die schwäbischen Wurzeln waren ein Grund für die Partnerschaft mit Tübingen, die am 27. November 1965 geschlossen wurde. Beteiligt daran waren auch das Deutsch-Amerikanische-Institut in Tübingen und der Schwabenverein Ann Arbor."

According to Wikipedia, Tuebingen is "a traditional university town in central Baden-WürttembergGermany. It is situated 30 km (19 mi) south of the state capital, Stuttgart, on a ridge between the Neckar and Ammer rivers. As of 2014 about one in three people living in Tübingen is a student."

According to the city of Tuebingen website, the mayor of Tuebingen is Boris Palmer (Green Party), who was re-elected to a second eight-year term on Oct. 19, 2014 with 61.7% of the vote. Participation among registered voters was 55%. 

Tuebingen: Timeline

Exchange Programs

The Friends of the City Partnership helps coordinate exchanges.

The University of Michigan's German Department sends around 10 students to the City each year. In 2006, 20 applicants are expected -- the program is expanding.

An Ann Arborite will represent us in the 2006 Tuebingen city run. They're also having a international chocolate festival, and someone will wave our banner proudly there, too.

City Website: http://www.tuebingen.de/

Tübingen City-Wiki: http://www.tuepedia.de

In the news

"I think Ann Arbor is very isolated, and in kind of a bubble — with Tubingen, take that and multiply by 50," said Lisa McDonald, president of the Ann Arbor-Tubingen club and owner of TeaHaus in Kerrytown, a tea shop inspired by her favorite tea seller in Tübingen, where she lived for 10 years. "This sounds negative and I don't mean it to be: They kind of live in a non-reality in Tubingen, but to the benefit of the city … They are able to ignore the rest of the world and do their own thing."