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Phone: 734-995-1818
Handicap access:
Owner: Dick Scheer

The Village Corner is now open at 1747 Plymouth Road in The Courtyard Shops.

As it is again

The Village Corner has reopened on Plymouth Road near Wendy's

As it was

Village Corner, on the corner of Forest Street and South University, poses as a grungy campus dive. Or it poses as a wine and imported food store, but has an astonishing array of convenience items. It's a good place to try first when you're looking for, say, a place that will copy a key at 11pm on a Sunday.

Dick Scheer started in the wine business in 1964, establishing his present modus operandi, Village Corner, in 1970. Village Corner is home to 5000 wines, 600 spirits, 150 beers, and 350 cigars, as well as a full line of groceries.


In the news

(In the midst of the adulatory press coverage, Scheer became miffed over a misquote in December’s Ann Arbor Observer, which said he would relocate the store “sometime in 2012.” In an email sent to some of his customers, he wrote: “I have never said such to any interviewer. I intend to reopen Village Corner in a matter of weeks, not months or years.”)