Washtenaw Avenue (M-17) is the primary road link between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. We'll start from where Huron Street (Ann Arbor) takes a wide sweeping curve to the southeast, and we'll end up in Ypsilanti. Over the course of this journey Washtenaw will pass both UM's and EMU's campuses, and range from a five lane river of traffic passing through urban sprawl to a one way residential street, before dead ending at Huron Street (Ypsilanti).

Washtenaw is a tricky street for numbering; there is at least one case where two places share the same street number, one in Ann Arbor, one in Ypsilanti. (need details)

M-17 leaves Washtenaw at Hamilton Street, cutting south to Michigan Avenue.


East side:

West side:


photo: view of intersection









photo: traffic congestion

Cloverleaf intersection for US-23 freeway.



Northbound to Flint, southbound to Toledo












At this awkward X-intersection, Washtenaw becomes one-way, east-bound; Cross is one-way, westbound, until it hits Washtenaw. This intersection, and surrounding one-way streets, helps many get lost in Ypsi.











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