Web Analytics Wednesday is a global event for people who are interested in web analytics.


30 January 2007

Cathy Parish: I've opened this up on the Yahoo WAA Forum. Had a few responses and now here's the plan: Last Wednesday of January (30th) - Leopolds - 7pm. I am updating this on the WAW site as well. RSVP link is now posted below. Link added to the Yahoo WAA Forum for the RSVP as well.

Original Participant Interest List

Formed before Jan 2007

If you're interested in organizing or being part of an upcoming event, note it here.

  • Edward Vielmetti - sent out the call to LinkedIn
  • MattH will come. (what's the draw of Wednesdays?)
  • Shawnsmith I'm interested!
  • AndrewMiller I'm game. Lots to talk about.
  • Paul Nowak I'm game also.
  • Matt Souden is willing to wade into the deep end too.
  • Dan Cooney has clients that benefit when he does analytics better.
  • Ross Johnson Will be there
  • User:Tmaddix Ed, We have had a couple Web Analytics Wednesdays this year at Leopold Brothers, but it would be great to do another one. Matt, The Web Analytics Association set up WaW and pays for the first round of appetizers. Thus, the Wednesdays. Area groups meet from Stockholm to London to Palo Alto. Also, it would be great to invite others through the Yahoo Web Analytics group: [email protected]
  • Cathy Parish is interested (though not for 11/14 since I'll be in SD). The WAA pays for the first round of drinks if it's an official WAW event.
  • [HeleneGidley] I'm interested in attending some of these as well - analytics is a foreign language to me!
  • Chris Grant There's far more interest here than in any of the WAW Wednesday postings we did for this area on the "official site for WAW". Which is why I stopped organizing them. Great. When you have a time and place I volunteer to post it on the Yahoo forum.