White Castle Restaurant on Packard Road

The White Castle chain of restaurants has a location on Packard Road just West of Carpenter Road on the North side of the road in Pittsfield Township. This chain is famous for it's cheap hamburgers ("sliders"). The restaurant has been at this location for many, many years, but was recently completely rebuilt (as of 2010). It's open 24/7.

3953 Packard Road 734-973-6811




White Castle, Yelp review


Restaurant inspections

May 2010, 4 minor violations

  • Food-contact surface(s) used for nonpotentially hazardous food(s); Not cleaned when contaminated
  • Waste receptacle(s); With doors,lids or covers Left open
  • Sanitizer test kit quaternary ammonia; Not provided
  • Washing agent(s) detergents with wetting agents and emulsifiers; Not utilized