The first Wednesday of every month (usually). Come on over to chat about wikis, show off a project or something you've found, or just listen in.

The bullet-point overview from SocialText (

  • Wiki Wednesdays are held (mostly) the first Wednesday of each month
  • People get together to chat, learn about wikis, find jobs, talk deals and generally cavort
  • You can RSVP, or swing by if you like
  • Wiki Wednesday is (usually) the first Wednesday of the month


Time/Location: 2PM at Cafe Ambrosia -- probably downstairs, where there's more seating.


Facebook Connect

  • Facebook Connect Plugin - I'm not sure this is ready for primetime yet, or how users would react/comprehend. Unless there are strong opt-in/out features I'm not sure I want to set this up yet Andrew M.

Ideas for Dave

  • Information about Category:Gardening: supplies, plants, tips, classes, community plots, shares...
  • Local food (contact User:Mrgarin for more information)
  • UM events, buildings, resources, history that is open and relevant to the public. The Arb, Matthaei, Library technology, that sort of thing. From the eyes of (generally) non-University folks.
  • A Who's responsible page for city issues. Pages for longtime city staff.
  • When templates from RichmondWiki are online, point to those as usability.
  • "What's your reaction to Arborwiki?" Where are we going wrong? What's going right?


Calendar project: - a calendar aggregation tool; compare with calagator

Richmond Wiki

A distinguished visitor from Richmond VA's Richmondwiki was in attendance and spoke on the topic of semantic wiki and forms handling. Richmondwiki has a great form system that gives a text entry field for each part of a template. Much more usable than the wiki markup system. Matt hopes to copy the templates over to ArborWiki

Google Analytics

A discussion of conversion tracking on forms and a suggestion on how to get conversion funnels for multipart stuff; does it require hacking the core or can it be done in add-ons or the theme?

Other things mentioned


Holding meeting notes from the distant past.

Who's interested?