Wise Guys was a restaurant at 1232 Packard at Woodlawn, serving Italian beef (Chicago style), Chicago style hot dogs (Vienna), and New York style hot dogs (Nathan's). Hours are very limited. As of January 2014, the business has a "temporarily closed" sign and a big pile of snow in front of the door.

The web site http://wiseguysannarbor.com redirects to this Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wise-Guys-Ann-Arbor/144703845856

As of 2014 the space is now occupied by Real Baked Goods, a bakery.

In the news

It’s been at least a few years since Bev’s Caribbean Kitchen closed and vacated the tiny space on the corner of Woodlawn and Packard. Since then, I’ve seen a few other restaurants begin to set up shop, then close before they even were set to open. Now, there’s a live tenant: Wise Guy’s, a basic carry-out place specializing in Chicago hot dogs and a few sandwiches.