The Ann Arbor Branch, Woman’s National Farm & Garden Association, is dedicated to ensuring opportunities for women in horticulture and providing children an environment that is green and safe to learn from and to steward; our fundraising supports educational scholarships in horticulture and related areas and grants for community gardens that further our mission and goals.

The Ann Arbor group was started in 1946. It hosts the Ann Arbor Garden Walk in June.



  • June 1, 2015. Ann Arbor City Council mayoral proclamation honors the Ann Arbor Branch of the Women's National Farm & Garden Association.
  • June 2009Ann Arbor Garden Walk, Garden Faerie's Musings writes "On Saturday, Carole, Amy, and I attended the 19th annual Ann Arbor Garden Walk. Of the seven gardens on the tour, five were home gardens and two were community gardens. Most of the home gardens this year were very large and very impressive."
  • December 2008, Ann Arbor News. Association branch has been going, growing green since 1946

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