Worms are found in Ann Arbor. Discuss.

Municipal worms

February 13, 2010:

Worm Bin Workshop: Learn about indoor composting using red worms. $25 for kit of bin, worms, workbook--preorder and pay at the door. No charge to attend workshop and receive handouts. Two sessions/seatings at 10 and 1. Must pre-register at (734) 794-6000 ext 43118. Held at Ann Arbor's municipal Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). (press release)

Academic worms

The University of Michigan (U-M) Grounds & Waste Management Services provides vermi-composting (a.k.a. worm bins) to selected offices and departments to compost small quantities of food waste in employee lunchroom areas. [1]

During winter term 2001, as part of the course work for "Sustainability and the Campus", a group of students with the support of UM Waste Management Services staff, researched vermicomposting options and drafted a paper describing the potential for using this method on campus. An agreement to pilot the Vermiscience unit was made and vermicompost was harvested in the spring of 2002. The program was discontinued in 2003 due to mechanical difficulties with the vermicomposting unit. [2]

Party store worms

Walt's Crawlers supplies fishing worms to party stores near the Huron River in the area; they are based in Vanderbilt, about 225 miles north of Ann Arbor. You can find them for sale at Summit Party Store.