Yoshi's was a middle eastern restaurant at 241 East Liberty Street in Ann Arbor. It opened in July of 2009 in a space formerly occupied by Dinersty and closed less than six months later.


In the news

Sales didn't generate the cash flow needed to keep the 40-seat restaurant afloat while it established itself, said owner Aboud Kaskorkis. He said he would know more later this week about his next move. “When you open a restaurant, you should have operating money set aside. We ran out of money before we opened,” Kaskorkis said.


So, I am not sure why this Yoshi guy decided to put this new Middle Eastern restaurant 20 yards from Jerusalem Garden. No one in Ann Arbor will ever have better hummus. And it's true: the inside feels like a rural hospital cafeteria and ordering is totally inefficient. (Rachel L.)