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YpsiDixit (by Laura Bien) is a blog written from the east side of Ypsi, generally exhibiting what could be called a "slow food" approach to living in Ypsi. YpsiDixit and readers discuss books, gardening, car-free living, boating on the Huron, bicycling, and local history. Discussion has been known to include a number of local business owners and Ypsilanti City Council members.

In the spring of 2006, YpsiDixit's writer spearheaded the Keep Ypsi Rollin movement to preserve Ypsilanti's bus lines in the face of municipal budget cuts, coordinating first online and then paper petition drives to raise awareness of the importance of transit to Ypsilanti residents.

YpsiDixit's blog went dormant for several months in mid-2007 before restarting at a new address. As of early 2009 it appears to be defunct.

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