Ypsilanti newspaper. Three separate editions:


1843 era Whig paper supporting Henry Clay. Its founders included editor John Van Fossen; James M. Edmunds, who went on to become postmaster of Washington, DC; Arden Ballard; and M. Towne. After Clay's defeat, the paper was suspended and the office given to Charles Woodruff.


1890s era paper.

Representative Democratic Organ devoted to the interests of Ypsilanti and Washtenaw County.

The Ypsilanti Sentinel is a paper for the people, for the Farmer, the Merchant, the Mechanic, and the Laboring Man. (Price $1.00 per year, Sample Copies Free).


Some time ago, a group of Ypsilanti bloggers got together to organize a site between the local blogs. They called themselves the Ypsilanti Sentinel, or the Spitting Cats. "It got a little too ambitious too quickly," Schutzman said. Maynard was one of the organizers of the group. "The idea was pretty simple when it started," he said. "I had been kind of pushing it the most."


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