What do you know about 12 Bones Smokehouse?


12 Bones Smokehouse is a restaurant located in Asheville, North Carolina. 12 Bones was born and raised in the River Arts District of Asheville. The location of the original store is at 3578 Sweeten Creek Road, Arden, North Carolina.  Arden is a community located in the grander Asheville area. They have recently opened what their website describes as a "new river location." The new store can be found at 5 Foundy Street, Asheville, North Carolina. 

The Cooking:

12 Bones takes pride in the way their food is made, as well as the culture in and around Asheville. The restaurant centers its focus on smoking meat, which forms the bulk of the menu. They offer smoked chicken, pork, beef, or even turkey. They offer a variety of mediums for their meat, including ribs, sandwiches, or just an off-the-bone serving. They offer ribs in portions of six and 12, or a half-rack and full-rack. They use other simple ingredients to make old family favorite recipes or ones that they have just come up with, according to their website. They also offer salads and a variety of side dishes. Their full menu is available online on their website.


In addition to providing the basic services of a restaurant, good food and quality service, they provide a number of other options. 12 Bones offers catering options. While they are not equipped to come to on-site locations, they will prepare the food for pick-up. They also offer their location as a private venue for events. They will cater the events, which can be scheduled for a time outside of public business hours. Their website says that this is great when you want "to have the place to yourself."

Notable Moments:

12 Bones is no stranger to being recognized in the media. They have been featured on media such as USA Today, Huffington Post, and Travel channel. Some of their more recent coverage, in 2017, has been centered around their recent opening of the new location. One of the more interesting stories as of late, is their trip to South Korea. The story was covered by WLOS. According to WLOS, the owners of 12 Bones flew to Seoul, South Korea. This flight takes 18 hours and 15 minutes one way. Upon arrival, they gave North Korean refugees a taste of American barbecue. Another notable moment was the visit by President Barack Obama, both in 2008 and 2010.