Drifter Jack's is a hostel off 26th and Guadalupe in the West Campus area.

The hostel is not easily visible from the street; look for it behind the 7-Eleven and Diablo Rojo.  It occupies the top (second) floor of the building, above the Thai Noodle House.

Drifter Jack's has both mixed and female-only rooms.  Rooms all the same same size; only the number of beds varies.  The rooms are laid out in a suite style such that every two rooms share a bathroom.  The sinks are located outside the bathroom in the rooms themselves.  Guests who are around 180 cm (around 5'10") and taller may find that the showerheads are too low.  In some bathrooms they are detachable for handheld use, which can help alleviate the problem of trying to crouch under a too-low showerhead.

There are two common areas near the front which occupy rooms with identical structure to the rooms that contain beds, down to the presence of the sinks.  Like the Firehouse, these rooms serve as a social gathering spot throughout the day.  One of them serves as the kitchen and can become cramped due to the presence of coin-operated laundry machines, a fridge, a dining table, and other tables holding appliances like a coffee maker, toasters, dishes, and breakfast items.  The other common area is more spacious, with several couches and a coffee table, and a TV.  There's also a patio area outside.

Unlike the Firehouse, there is free parking available, but there are limited spaces, and it can be tight.

Given its proximity to the UT campus, guests can make use of the businesses up and down Guadalupe that operate in symbiosis with the student population, including a 7-Eleven (open 24-hours), the Hole in the Wall bar, and many restaurants such as Madam Mam's and Torchy's.

The location being near West Campus als means it's about 20–30 blocks or more away from many of the downtown nightlife attractions.  Andy and the staff will usually organize outings for the night, including transportation to those areas.

Walls throughout the hostel, including dorms and bathrooms, are covered in murals painted by local artists.


Drifter Jack's is run by Andy.

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