Shahrestani Law was founded by Alex Shahrestani on the principal that technology is changing the world, and the law should be no exception. Alex earned a degree in computer science specifically so he could be the attorney who understood technology and create better legal documents and arguments for his clients, but he quickly realized that his CS degree enabled him to automate many aspects of his practice. This automation allows him to spend his time doing actual legal work for his clients in order to keep costs down.

Shahrestani Law focuses in on very narrow legal problems in order to increase efficiencies and provide better services. While Shahrestani Law can compete with similarly situated attorneys on the wide array of legal issues that a startup might face, the firm prides itself on its ability to provide entity formations and internet law guidance. Internet law issues might be anything from privacy policies and terms of use, to FTC compliance in social media marketing, to cybersecurity compliance checks.

Shahrestani Law is also a participant in the Texas Opportunity and Justice Incubator, a legal incubator for attorneys who seek to address the justice gap, and Alex serves as the Vice President of EFF-Austin, taking lead on their legislative efforts in the digital rights space.