Baltimore City Public Schools


Live Baltimore has created the above detailed map of the public zoned for all elementary schools, writing:

"It’s no secret. The reputation of Baltimore City Public Schools in recent decades has been less than favorable. And while we’re quick to acknowledge that some schools still struggle, we’ve witnessed others quietly thriving. Too few residents are aware of the successes many schools have seen over the past five years. But, couple the growing trend of 'walking to' neighborhood schools with the district’s 21st Century New School Buildings Plan and there’s good reason for parents to give the public zoned option another look."

There are more schools than are listed here below, but here are a few with links to learn more about each school and to see good things helping make them better at serving all of our Baltimore City youth!


Enoch Pratt Free Library

Source: By nf utvol - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,