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    Hebei Agricultural University(Agricultural University of Hebei Province,HEBAU/AUH) is located in Baoding,Hebei Province,forestry class compprehensive university.Hebei  Agricultural University,founded in the year 1902(the Qing dynasty,twenty-eight) is the Chinese first school of higher agricultural institutions,the establishment of the oldest universities in Hebei Province,the Ministry of Education,"Midestern university capacity building project" 100 one of the institutions,major universities in Hebei Province(provincal key universities).The shchool is one of the universities,which is the combination of Hebei Province, People's Republic of China Ministry of  Agricultural and State Forestry Administration;and plans to record declaration remaned "North China  Agricultural University"graually. School totals 27 colleges,including 85 undergraduate majors and 6 post-doctoral research station.








      School Motto

      Zonta, Pragmatic, Seeking

      The policy folling the principle of "non-agricultural education internship can not get the true meaning,subtle exploration of nontest can not",creating a nationally renowned "Taihang Mountain Road",condensed into "hard work,willing to sacrifice,pragmatic and patriotic people","Taihang spring",formed the motto "Zonta, Pragmatic, Seeking",by the party and the country's affirmation and recognition,In recent years,it has established 60 three-pronged bases,university teaching,researching and production,with Great Wall Motor Company Limited and other large enterprise groups cooperative education and school enterprise cooperation,actively deepening and expanding the "Taihang Mountain Road" ,participation in local economic development.


         Branch School Settings

                              College of Continuing Education                                                             Graduate College

                              Institute of Urban and Rural Construction                                              College of Forestry  

                              Institute of Foreign Languages                                                                 College of Horticulture

                              College of Life Science                                                                              Institute of Pplant Protection 

                              Agricultural College                                                                                   College of Information Science and Technology 



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