The Blacksburg Farmers Market, located on the corner of Draper and Roanoke, is a thriving direct-to-consumer farmers market. 

General About the Organization/Mission

The Blacksburg Farmers market bring a diverse group of people, food, and community into downtown Blacksburg. The space acts as a social hub for musicians, artists, and those visiting downtown. With space for a dozen or more booths, the space draws sellers of many different good. Everything from local, organic vegetables to hot foods can be found on a market day. The abundance of options offer to consumers twice a week makes draws a good following from the community each week. 

Basic Info

Type of Organization Farmers Market
Primary Contact [email protected]
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Issues of Focus

This Farmers Market is committed to real, local, producer-sold products. They are a direct-from-grower market for the vast majority of their products. 

History of Organization

The Farmer's Market has existed, in some form or another, in Blacksburg for decades. It was recently rebuilt with large, sweeping awnings and solar technology. The market is home to over 30 producers, with the ability to expand as needed.

Programs and Projects 

The market is open each Wednesday and Saturday, with hours varying seasonally. 

Aside from regular market hours, the market is home to several weekly music gatherings and various exhibits throughout the year. 

Partners and Frequent Collaborators

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